Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I traveled chained to the back of a wagon from my old plantation to another plantation far down South in Mississippi. It is called the Riley plantation. At the Riley plantation, a man from Canada came and said he needed to borrow two slaves to use as a guide to find local bird species. He picked me and Adam. The man's name was Mr. Ross, and he was actually here to help some slaves escape to Canada. While We were "looking for birds" we were actually planning our escape. We planned to leave the coming Saturday. Me and Adam informed our friends Ben and Julilly, and her friend Liza. Ben decided he wasn't coming. When we left Mr. Ross said he wsn't coming with us, but he'll meet up with us. We started our long journey, and a few times we saw Mr. Sims (a slave supperviser at the Riley plantation) and other slavers pass by. Luckily no one saw us. But they eventually found us. They caught me and Adam, but Jullily and Liza escaped. Somewhere along the journey we jumped of the wagon and headed for the president of the Underground Rialway's house. From there we took a boat to Canada. Adam died from blood poisoning, and I got a job in Canada at a hotel. Jullily and Liza also arrived after us, and before us Julilly's mom came. Overall, the long peilous journey to Canada was worth it.